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Rachel Maddow Tells the Big Lie

Last night, I watched Big Ed Schultz rediscover his union roots by broadcasting live from Madison, challenging Barack Obama to come out and stand up for Wisconsin workers and the right to collectively bargain. I’ve been down on Big Ed lately, but that heartfelt advocacy warmed the cockles of my heart.

Then Rachel came on. She said about the proposed law to effectively ban collective bargaining in Wisconsin: “This is about Democrats versus Republicans, nothing else.”

20 times in ten minutes. I counted.

As Rachel herself is so fond of saying: Rinse. Recycle. Repeat. Typical Big Lie propaganda technique. Repeat a big lie often enough, and, after awhile, people will start to believe it. This is the exact same technique the Bush Administration used in the leadup to the conquest of Iraq.

According to Maddow, ALL the Wisconsin battle, and the escalating Ohio battle, is about is a Republican attempt to break the unions, particularly the public sector unions, so they can’t make donations to Democratic candidates. That’s it.

Crap. RULING CORPORATIST CRAP!!! Divide and rule. Rachel played her role last night every bit as well as Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. Partisan piss.

No, this is an attempt to break unions on behalf of corporate interests. Period. It’s in your face class warfare. Deprive public sector workers of collective bargaining rights so the PTB can turn them into complete wage slaves. That’s it! This is not a Democratic vs Republican issue, this is a power issue. Will managers have the power to determine what pay and what benefits employees have, or can employees bind together to collectively bargain for their pay and benefits? And if the corporatist bastards can destroy public sector rights to collective bargaining, can private sector rights be far behind?

Can abolishing weekends be far behind?

No! Besides, two REPUBLICAN Wisconsin State Senators have disappeared themselves as well in order to prevent a quorum so Fascist Governor Walker can’t get his bill passed. This is NOT a Republican vs Democratic issue. This is not a vertical fight, this is horizontal. This is not R v D, not liberal v conservative, not left v right, this is Top v Everyone Else.

It is no coincidence that Governor Walker and his Republican jackbooted thugs gave away tax cuts to capitalists in almost the exact same amount as they are demanding public sector workers now sacrifice, as the protesters themselves have quite accurately pointed out.

This is a working class vs. ruling class issue. Ordinary people vs the Rich. This is in your face class warfare being waged by the wealthy and the powerful, as represented by Governors Walker and Kasich, against the rest of us. It’s quite simple.

And Maddow played the divide and conquer card on behalf of her corporate masters. Oh, no, this isn’t about unions! This is about fundraising sources for the two parties! The two corporatist parties!

I say again, Crap. At least I gave Rachel 10 minutes. My wife saw a rerun of the show, closed her mind on Maddow, and changed the channel immediately.

Rachel Maddow deserved at least that. Actually, tar, feathers, and rails come to my mind.

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