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I do believe we’ve found the GOP’s game plan

Making Democrats flee the state. Is there no lesson of Tom Delay they didn’t learn…especially the felonious parts?

And Wisconsin there is no truth to the rumor your State’s 14 Democratic Senators traveled to Eden Prairie, Minnesota to sign with the Vikings and play quarterback, yet.

And all those rallies of the last few years featuring FoxNews viewers wearing teabags don’t seem to carry the weight that a spontaneous demonstration of the traditional Democratic base.

Authorities say an estimated 25,000 people are protesting anti-union legislation at the Wisconsin state Capitol, and nine demonstrators have been arrested.

And we know where a Republican’s sympathies lie:

Republican Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan compared the protests in his state’s capital to those in Egypt that led to the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Pity the poor Despots of the GOP. I guess they’ve re-modified the revolutionary slogan they used the last couple years already to be “I’ll Tread on Thee“.

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