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Good News, Pups!

I have been attempting – from the pound, in bad form and with stylistic incontinence  – to convince the pups of the necessity to build bridges by pointing out all the footings already in place. The current intellectual constipation of the progressives is going to see the majority of what remains of the middle class loose their shirts and shorts, and then be flayed and filleted to the bone, such that the whole country can ultimately be served up as the piece de resistance at the oligarchy’s banquet. Goya did a masterful interpretation of this tableau, way back when.

Since I don’t frequent the MSM Koolaid bar, my only contact with its offerings is when I have a question about specific issues or positions of interest to me, at which point I google. This morning I googled hostess Jane, and noticed her political evolution on Dylan Ratigan. (I’m still surprised that Dylan has his job.)

Anyone who watches Dylan, has read Taibbi, or frequents Washington’s blog, among other sources, would know that the path this country is on, notwithstanding the best efforts of the Democrats which we know to amount to a hill of beans making its way through the digestive tract of a rat, will ultimately result in a complete human catastrophe. So my knee jerk question stands: What the fuck is it with this perpetual finding mission the majority of FDL, Dkos and the conservogressives are so hooked on? There is nothing more to discover, other than to admit the obvious: it’s the people v. the entrenched and sociopathic Fascisti. It’s the 11th hour and we need to start acting accordingly.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, if so, I’ll surely be corrected. I’m quite content to grasp at straws of hope while getting down and dirty in the mud. The big bad wolf is a fascist creature: he’ll huff and puff away the house of straw. But what do you get when you mix straw with mud, and add a sunny disposition? 😉  That’s right: an adobe abode – a chance to withstand the big blow, and then to blow back ourselves.

The Paulites, at least, do seem to be looking for footings in the embankment:

Jane Hamsher Mentions Daily Paul on Dylan Ratigan Show | Ron Paul 2012

Slowly, lugubriously, Jane – with Dylan’s prodding – is moving on as well. Way to go, though still ways to go. How about it pups?

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