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Can a Socialist Teach Some Democrats How to Be Progressives?

During this time of massive unemployment and home foreclosures, soaring food and oil prices, and many of us facing bleak-to-zero retirement funds, our President Hope appointed a deficit commission chaired by two of the most dedicated supply-side, alleged ‘deficit hawks’ who love tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, but essentially hate Social Security and other safety nets that we pay for with our tax dollars.  We have a President who extended tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires for a few more months of unemployment compensation for people without jobs, but forgot to negotiate anything for the 99-ers who number in the millions, and enough Democrats voted for the deal that it became law.

We have enough Third Way Dems in Congress who helped pass the crap Dodd-Frank FinReg (not) bill that has enough holes in it to drive Wall Street’s Brinks Armored Cars through, and left all the regulations on derivatives trading ‘to be negotiated by regulators at a later date’.  Brilliant.

And there are enough neoliberal Dems and a President who sit on their asses silently while Eric Holder’s Department of Justice makes not one single move to prosecute banking fraud to restore any faith in our banking system or clean up the millions of clouded mortgages extant.  Christ; it makes you pine for days under Poppy Bush: thousands of bankers and S&L criminals went to jail for their parts in the illegal activities!

Our President want us to “share in the sacrifices” necessary to cut the national debt and the deficit, but is eager to do a lot of it on the backs of poor and middle class Americans, while Exxon-Mobil and other Corporations with billions in profit pay zero taxes, and a military budget that’s bigger than all other nations’ on earth combined.  He froze the pay for federal employees for two years, and seems to believe that cutting social safety programs and SS is more important than getting the hell out of Afghanistan, and cutting funds to low income folks for heat beats beating the drums for a working group to seriously find ways to cut health care delivery costs in this country.  Instead, we got Health Insurance Reform, ooh-la-la.

So where are the Progessive Dems?  Who the hell are the regular Dems any more, ratcheting and ratcheting Rightward, ever Rightward…Who’s fighting for us any longer?  Sorry; they’re all listening to Crap Democratic Pollsters and Operatives.  Do.Not.Disturb.

Hey, Bernie!  Can you remind them who all these jokers were hired to represent?  Can you remind them all that they work for us, not the Banks and Big Corporations?  And who should be protected before they talk about Grand Bargains and Deficit Cuts that will tank our futures???

Below is the youtube link for Bernie’s interview on The News Hour; consider emailing it to your Congresscritters, especially the Dems.  Say “shame on you” if it seems appropriate.

*A tangential issue about Liberal Wussiness:

Yves Smith has a post up called “Why Liberals Are Lame” and concedes that a big chunk of what’s the matter with Congressional Liberals is that they are eager to use the cover of triangulation to get just what their masters, the Lobbyists who dole out the lucre, want.  But she adds to the discussion about why Dems ‘ask’, not ‘demand’.  Some of it’s pretty interesting, and she tackles a new ‘movement’ by alleged liberals who are trying to smack the big banks by a ‘Move Your Money’ tactic, but fail miserably in her estimation.

Yes, it makes me think of the new ‘Rethink Afghanistan’ video that’s up: it should say “It’s way past time to get the hell out of Afghanistan”, IMO.

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