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Wisconsin United…Washington Democrats Please Take Notes

It’s electric.  The air is rich with ozone.  I can feel the tension from more than half way around the globe as I watch footage of protest in Madison.  It’s watching the little guy take on the bully and goddamn it I want to step and help. I know I’m not alone.  It’s heroic and historic.  If this is what it takes then so be it.  Let us unite with the people on the streets of Madison.

Just a few hours ago I heard interviews on Maddow and O’Donnell with Wisconsin State Senators who have walked out of the State Capital and gone underground in an effort to force the Republicans to the negotiating table.  This is leadership.  This is serving your electorate. This is inspiring.  This is courage and commitment. This is being worthy of the people who elected you.

In Washington things are subdued, quiet.  The lights are out.  No one answers the door.  No one answers the phone.  Where’s Obama standing on this?  The fence is too narrow. People want to see him take a side and a stand.  Please,  Mr President be the leader we voted for not the wimp the Republicans want you to be.

Pelosi is from a strong union town.  Make San Francisco proud Nancy.  Make us all proud.  Show support.  Give us a word.  More importantly give a word to the people of Wisconsin.  Encourage them. Stand with them.

Mr Reid.  Make a statement.  Show support.  The dominoes are in place and we can’t let them fall.

Democrat Senators in Wisconsin have set the standard.  They have flown the standard.  No apologies.  No excuses.  We know where they stand. They have acted on the people’s behalf.

Washington Democrats should study their example.  Take notes.  Wisconsin Democrats have raised our expectations.  It would be nice if Washington Democrats lived up to them.

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