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Dear Bill, Why Do People Hate You?

Dear Bill,

Why do people hate you?  No. No. Hey, this is a serious question.  Why do people hate you?

Is it because you blasted your hateful rhetoric and moronic rhyme of “Tiller the Baby Killer” over and over until some weak-minded fool murdered him?  Is it because you screamed about Dr Tiller earning $5,000 for performing complicated and delicate medical procedures while you spin vitriol and venom for 30 million a year?  Is it true that some people think your hateful rants regarding Doctor Tiller and his pursuant death implicates you  as an accessory to murder?

Is it because you called for the execution of Wilileaks’ Julian Assange?  Some  would think you’d  be a bit more circumspect after Tiller’s murder but maybe that’s what you wanted all along.

Is it because  you ask questions then interrupt your guests before they have the opportunity to finish their answer?  Is it because when some of your guests attempt to answer or explain you tell them to “shut up” and then deny it when people like Olbermann call you on it?  Is it because your interview technique is blatantly rude, ignorant and confronting?  I guess there are those who just can’t stand bad manners.

Is it because your idea of an intelligent interview is a question like…”Why do people hate you?”.  The last time I heard that question asked of the President I believe it came from a little African American kid and he was genuinely concerned.  When he asked the question it was redolent with sincerity and pathos.  Touching.  None of of that for you Bill.  You’re a tough guy, an adult, you dispensed with any empathy and inserted a callous gleeful animosity and bias.

Is it because when questioned about your religious beliefs the best you can do is say, “The tide comes in.  The tide goes out.”?  Deep.  And is it because you get paid an enormous amount of money for an off the cuff comment that isn’t worthy of a third grader? Maybe you weren’t paying attention during catechism.

Is it the company you keep?  You know Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh,Michelle Bachman, Sean Hannity, Roger Ailes, Sarah Palin, Chuckleberry Huckabee, Rupert Murdoch, Waylon Smithers, Charles Montgomery Burns,   et. al.

Is it because on at least one occasion you sent “Fox Security” after people who exercised their own first amendment rights  in your direction?  It’s important to delegate…but thuggery?

Is it because you send your obsequious little underlings like Jesse Waters to hound an icon of journalistic integrity like Bill Moyer for an interview?  Why would a respected and intelligent journalist like Bill Moyer swamp-swim in the gutter of Fox and give you any kind of credibility?

It’s a foolish question and I should know better. Hate is such a strong word. I don’t want to hate but I really can’t help disliking you, Bill.  A lot.  You bully and rankle.   Hate belongs to your ilk.

Instead of asking: Bill, why do people hate you?  I should be asking: People, why do you hate Bill?  Or more genteelly and responsibly: People, why do you dislike Bill and do you dislike him a lot?

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