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Where Have All The Activists Gone?

 It is hard to describe how inspired I am by the democracy movements in the Middle East and North Africa. They are real activist standing in the streets, risking the retribution of an authoritarian regime to accomplish what most would think is unachievable.

However, when I comment that a popular uprising will not be coming to the streets of America any time soon, I am chided for my negativity. There are also numerous commenters’ here at FDL that talk about the eventuality of the kind of uprisings we are seeing over there arising here. I reply that American’s aren’t anywhere near hungry enough for that to happen. Here is just one diary and thread as an example but there are many others.  

If this community really feels strongly that a populist uprising is on the horizon, then what are you waiting for. How bad do things have to get before you get off your butts and start marching. By saying that it is coming at some future time only supports my point. This site has one activist, Jane Hamsher, and a whole lot of choir members. The fact that you people have computers, electricity to run them and apparently are not starving, (note all of the food posts on the weekends), allows you the convenience of talking a good game but not actually having to do anything other than bitch and complain to each other.

I miss Chisty Hardin Smith.

When I read here about Jane and David House being detained at the gate at Quantico, I wrote a post calling for a march on the base to support Bradley Manning. I got a number of comments in support of the idea and the diary was even promoted to the MyFDL front page. That diary was read by someone in D.C. who contacted me and since then I have been working with people in D.C. and a march is happening on March 20th. I will be there.

When I wrote a part 2 & 3 follow-up, it got a few comments but no one saying they will join in. One person wrote that they are in CA so they would not be there but her heart was with us. Thanks, but that’s not going to do anything to help Bradley. I know there must be a Marine base in CA where a simultaneous protest could be held. It was protests in Alexandria, Port Said and other places in Egypt as well as Cairo that forced their government to buckle.

It’s no work to write diaries, sign on line petitions, donate money to causes and let the real activists do the work.  This is why the blogosphere is viewed by the politicians and the media as pajama wearing Cheetos eaters. This is why Obama and DemCo constantly dismiss us. They know we aren’t going to really do anything other than bitch. Real ACTivism demands ACTION.

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