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Raymond Davis

Just forget all the politics & conspiracy theories for a minute. What would be the reaction of Americans if a Pakistani intelligence operative shot dead 2 civilians in New york?…………sure whole America would be braying for blood….Please for once be fair & treat us Pakistanis fairly

Guys I am really glad & surprised to see the comments. It means  there is still some hope for justice & peace in this world. I agree that Pakistani governments are instrumental in propagating American establishment’s interests in our region. But being the super power & a democracy I believe onus in still on America to make the world a better place.

Davis & Aafia Siddiqi’s cases are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more no one knows about.

I really signed up to vent some heat But am really glad that there are reasonable people around here

Thanks & May Allah help us make world a peaceful place for our children

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Yasir Syed

Yasir Syed