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Key Players in Operation Ratf%$k: Interactive Relationship Map

Last week, Anonymous released an enormous vault of 44,000 emails written by the principals and employees of HP Gary and HP Gary Federal, two sister companies that worked as government contractors in information technology. HP Gary Federal’s Aaron Barr, along with Patrick Ryan of Berico Technologies and Matthew Steckman of Palantir Technologies, worked on a WikiLeaks proposal for Bank of America that involved using the same tech tools these firms used on Al Qaeda to smear and discredit people like Glenn Greenwald, David House and others who were actively working to counter the flow of disinformation surrounding WikiLeaks. For background, see Marcy Wheeler’s work here.

The sheer volume of data in the emails is overwhelming. In order to help make the story comprehensible, FDL has been developing tools like timelines, organization charts and key indexes. These tools are similar to the ones we compiled for the Bradley Manning story.

Today, we’re releasing an interactive organizational chart that you can find here. A still shot of the chart is above; it shows how communication flowed from the Justice Department to the key players in the program we’re calling Operation Ratf%$k. According to an email from Matthew Steckman of Palantir to Berico and HP Gary, BofA’s General Counsel (Edward O’Keefe) had been called by the Justice Department and told to hire the law firm of Hunton & Williams to act as a firewall between BofA and the dirty dealing of the contractors. This conveniently allowed BofA to be shielded from all of the Operation Ratf%$k activities of the three firms through attorney-client privilege.

Bios of the key players in Operation Ratf%$k

Interactive relationship map of key players in Operation Ratf%$k

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