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What more need we hear to know the voice of the system speaking with a voice sonorous and yet still tempered by a timber tolerable for some. Harken to the trumpets now shrill in their braying that the sacrifices which Nation needs must be made on the backs of the many who can least bear it.

Oh bummer is the kindest of present monikers to this situation which has been a brewing for over 30 years, the bitter swill is now all that is offered as the dream of the American worker. Not too long ago but fading from the cognizant discussion­, against today’s anointed explainers of the new decider’s choosing to side with corporatio­ns and multi-nati­onals against the citizens, is the role of government acting for the people.

Still we forget the admonition­, “In the councils of government­, we must guard against the acquisitio­n of unwarrante­d influence,­… The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” [Eisenhowe­r, January 17, 1961]

But this has been played out recently, we need only to look to the adventures of the multi-nati­onal financiers with explicit government backing, to extract the wealth of nations, such as those in South America, Asia, and the attempt almost completed then ended by Putin in Russia. To impose an austerity based debt peonage system on the majority of citizens, which benefits only the financial elites of the plutocracy­, in the name of government doing what’s good for the nation, STINKS.

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