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Unconditional Trust is Our Response to Unconditional Love

Unconditional Trust is our response to Unconditional Love

It is by Faith we are Saved.
The Just shall live by Faith.
By Faith Abraham obeyed.
By Faith Sarah conceived.

What is that stuff, Faith?

We say we have faith in our leaders. Or we have faith in our automobiles. Or we have faith in the American economy. But what does it mean?
It is, simply put, Trust.

Trust: reliance on another person or entity. Having faith in others and believing them.

We trust that when we sit in a chair, it will hold us up (in spite of the extra pounds I can’t lose). That’s pretty simple, right? We trust that the cash money in our hands is worth something.

Some trust that their investments will pay off someday. Some trust that the insurance policy they have paid into will be there when they need it.

We trust some fairly uncertain things.

But we struggle with trusting God.
We become like Gideon and lay out fleeces for God.
Gideon laid out a fleece and said ‘if it is God’s Word, then the fleece will be wet and the land dry and then if the land is wet and the fleece is dry’ then God had spoken.

That is Conditional Trust.

‘I’ll follow God as long as things are going good’.
‘I’ll serve Him if He gives me…….(fill in the blank)’

Job had a different approach, though.
“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” Job 13:15


The Greek word pistis is the root word in the NT translated ‘Faith’
It is also translated ‘trust’ and ‘believe’. It carries the idea of trusting without condition. Believing without doubt. Faith.

The Greek word agape is the root for how God loves us. Unconditionally.
You’ve heard it, I’m sure. We are to strive to achieve that kind of love, right?
I Corinthians 13 talks about agape. It does not boast, it is long suffering, does not think evil, it is not easily provoked, it hopes all things, endures all things, etc….


Unconditional Love.

That is what God saved us with. Without Conditions.

But one.


The pistis.
is translated ‘believe’.
Those who ‘believe’ in Him.
Those who have Unconditional Trust.

That’s it. Unconditional Trust is our response to Unconditional Love.

What has He asked of you?

Abram packed up and moved, without knowing his destination.
We must come to Him like a child……they trust without condition.

Respond to Him.
Unconditional Trust.

He cannot fail.

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