This Barrel Has No Bottom

Building upon the rousing success stories of Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell, Tea Baggers have turned their lonely eyes to the only man who can unseat evil Snowe Queen Olympia Snowe, a woman who may very well be invincible seeing as she survived the Salt Monsters of the Red State Strike Force. In a Very Exclusive Interview, John Hawkins (Must Credit John Hawkins!) sat down with Andrew Ian Dodge, who is the real life inspiration for the Simpson’s Comic Book Guy:

Yes, now one line of criticism I’ve already seen pop up against you was that you spent a great deal of time in England and let me quote you from a post you wrote back in 2007. “I may come from a different perspective as I am not English or even British. I’m American. I am an American who has probably spent more of his life being exposed to English and Englishness than ever I have been to Americans. This was especially true of my school years. Consequently as soon as I was an adult I’m endeavored to spend as much time in England as possible.”

I’m guessing that the line of attack they’re going to take is, “This guy is a want-to-be Brit. He’s not a hometown Maine guy.” What do you say to that?

Oh, John. I don’t know about that. I mean it’s not like he’s Kenyan or anything. And there is such a wealth of Andrew Ian Dodge-iana to draw upon.

Gonna be The Best Senate Campaign Ever.

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