Krugman touched on this today and yesterday on his blog, but it’s worth taking a closer look at. Ron Paul held hearings on monetary policy yesterday and his star witness was a crazy person.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul intended his first hearing as chair of a House subcommittee to showcase one of his complaints about the Federal Reserve – that central planning of the money supply makes unemployment worse, by creating booms that inevitably lead to recessions worse than would otherwise occur.

The hearing did do that. But that was overshadowed somewhat when Democrats noted that Paul’s star witnesses, Thomas DiLorenzo, an economist at Loyola University in Baltimore, has called Abraham Lincoln a “dictator” and “mass murderer” – and has links to a neo-Confederate group called League of the South.

The League seeks a Southern breakaway nation led by “European-Americans.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a dossier on the League of the South.

But really, DiLorenzo’s affiliation with a hate group is only half the problem. Should a powerful House subcommittee really be calling a witness who has written articles like, “Confronting the Lincoln Cult,” “How Sweatshops Help the Poor,” “The Myth of Voluntary Unions” — who compared Clinton/Gore to Mussolini and who wrote, of the 2000 presidential election,

Gore’s core support was in the inner cities, dominated by welfare recipients (including “affirmative action” welfare); the state capitols, around which reside thousands of state and local government bureaucrats dependent partly on federal largesse; the statist intellectual class which resides largely on the east coast, especially in New England; the leftist cultural elite on the California coast (the rest of California was solidly Republican); hordes of welfare-seeking immigrants, many of whom are illegal, along the Texas border; and the environmental zealots of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. […]

We had better begin seriously considering nullification, peaceful secession, and every other means possible of checking the ability of the federal government to loot the taxpaying population. For if the Left succeeds in achieving open borders, combined with a growing welfare state, then every penny of every American’s wealth and income will be up for grabs to be distributed not only to other Americans, but to welfare leaches from all corners of the globe.

Truly disgusting stuff.

Why doesn’t Ron Paul think so?

Blue Texan

Blue Texan