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Glenn Beck Was For Revolution Before He Was Against It

Just how crazy does a conservative have to be to get Bill Kristol to say please stop, you’re embarrassing us?  I bet you can guess who was the first to find out…

Yes, Glenn Beck has been raining on Kristol’s neocon parade by portraying Egypt’s revolution as a scary uprising of communist Islamofascism that will “cascade” and sweep across the entire Middle East… as opposed to a triumphant, heartwarming vindication of Bush’s belief that the Muslim world is so thirsty for freedom and democracy that it would even welcome it at the point of an American gun.

Today, Beck doubled down on teh crazy (while repeatedly bragging about how he’s been called a madman) by bringing the Scary Communislamofascist Cascade to the United States, artfully juxtaposing a montage of random unidentified people talking about revolution with an excerpt from today’s presidential address about how the Egyptian protestors are members of “a new generation… your generation.”  It was clearly a coded message, cleverly crafted to incite a youth revolt led by Obama’s “allies” in Code Pink and the Communist Party.

Of course, the idea that the far left are Obama’s allies in any way is preposterous – he doesn’t even like progressives, much less communists or socialists.  Hell, he’s ideologically a lot closer to the teabaggers than he is to Glenn Beck’s leftist boogeymen.  Which is sort of appropriate, because the teabaggers were my first thought when I started watching Beck’s little you-say-you-want-a-revolution compilation.

You do all remember the teabaggers, right?  The Glenn Beck fans who fetishize violence, separatism, eliminationism and death threats, who strutted around the health care town halls carrying guns and wearing t-shirts about “water[ing] the tree of liberty”?  Beck didn’t warn us about them, he embraced them.  And Beck himself has no qualms about portraying the government as a scary totalitarian state that must be opposed at all costs, fantasizing about the violent breakdown of society, or calling for “a personal revolution,” whatever that means.

If anyone has invited extremists into their political mainstream, it’s the right, not the left.  And if anyone is talking revolution, it’s Glenn Beck and his allies, not Barack Obama and his.

Fortunately, I’m pretty sure that the teabaggers have overestimated the universal appeal of their battle cry of “Lower taxes for corporations and rich people!  Fewer rights for women, gays and immigrants!  Fuck the environment and the poor!  Less health care and Social Security!  Protect our guns from the vague possibility that the government may try to take them away even though no one has ever seriously suggested it!”

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