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Late Night: Pouting Baby Doesn’t Understand Why the Bad Men Won’t Just Go Away

Pouting Baby doesn't understand why the bad men won't just go away. (photo courtesy of Jim White)

It looks like Pouting Baby is talking to us again. — JW

I was watching the television today and I saw lots of really happy people in Egypt. They were happy because they thought Hoser Mubarak was going to say that he would go away. They had to wait a long time for him to talk, but they were happy while they waited. He’s really old, so maybe they thought that he needed a nap before he talked to them. But then, when Hoser went on TV to talk to them, he made the happy people really mad. Hoser has been a really bad man and has hurt a lot of people in Egypt for a very long time. I can see why they are mad when he said he still won’t go away, even though Mr. O told him he should. Why won’t Hoser just go away like all those people want him to? I can tell when people want me to go away, even if it’s just because I need a new diaper.

At the same time that Hoser was talking, more bad men right here in the United States that we thought had gone away came back. They came back only to talk to a room full of crazy people, but they still came back. The crazy people were giving a special award to RumaDon and they got a big surprise when Heartless Dick came into the room, too. But not even all the crazy people like RumaDon:

Most of those preparing for the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington this week anticipated a division over social issues, but the real conflict at the convention today erupted between young libertarians and supporters of the Bush administration.

The annual convention has attracted about 11,000 conservatives to the nation’s capital, many of them young supporters of libertarian icon Ron Paul. They were ready this afternoon to show their opposition to the Bush administration when former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was presented with the conference’s “Defenders of the Constitution” award.

Loud boos resounded through the convention hall as Rumsfeld’s name was announced on stage. The numerous young attendees got up from their seats and filed out of the room in protest.

And things got even crazier when Heartless Dick showed up:

Why won’t Rumadon and Heartless Dick stay gone when they go away? RumaDon even admitted that he should have gone away even sooner than he did the last time:

Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld says he should have stepped down in 2004 after photos emerged of the abuses done to Iraqi prisoners by U.S. personnel at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

“That was such a stain on our country,” he tells ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an interviewed aired Monday on Nightline. The prisoners, he says, were treated in a “disgusting and perverted and ghastly way.”

I hope Heartless Dick and RumaDon stay gone after today, and I hope Hoser Mubarak and his vice-torturer go away tomorrow. All of these bad men worked together to hurt a lot of people and it’s time for them to just go away and let nice people take over.

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