When one peels away all the layers of the onion – injustice, hunger, civil liberties, lawlessness, inequality, murder, mayhem, etc. – what’s left at the center is Empire in all it’s corporatist regalia.

Each layer has it’s own committed constituency, and as the number of layers is very large, the inverse of the constituent numbers is accordingly small. Thus, rather than joining in the decisive battle, we wind up in an endless and perpetual array of losing skirmishes defending our little ideological plots, while the narrative keeps on keeping on. It’s a divide, and subdivide, and mince and conquer strategy of our overlords in Washington – nothing new.

When Warren Buffett says: “my class is winning”, one would think that the strategy of failure would become clear as day, as would the necessity of reviewing the failed strategy, and seriously getting down to discussing the obviously necessary adjustments.

In all likelihood, that would require pretty much turning one’s heretofore well anchored world view up side down; kicking one’s lethal addiction, as it were. But, that is not seemingly even being contemplated.

So this is missling in a nutshell. No browbeating, no pissing on the community; just an invitation to what I believe is the essential conversation needed if we are to have any hope of successfully beating back the forces arrayed against us, as well as the rest of the world.