Glenn Beck’s Misplaced Outrage About The National Anthem

“Was anybody else offended by…can you put your hand on your heart?” Beck said. “It’s the national anthem!”

“I was really offended by the sports players that were just hanging on their jersey,” Beck said.

“The country that gives them the ability to…pursue their happiness in peace and safety is not worth putting your hand on the heart.”….Glenn Beck

I ask you…

Does this guy know his Patriotic etiquette rules or what?

Wait.  What did you say? The National Anthem wasn’t even recognized as The National Anthem until 1931?

Outrageous!  How could our founding Fathers not have sang The National Anthem???!!!  What a bunch of traitors!

Huh?  There was no national anthem for them to sing?  Really?

That makes their treachery even worse!   They didn’t even have a national anthem!  How un-patriotic can you get?  Glenn!  Glenn!  Come on!  Nail them!

Or, maybe not.  Maybe for once, we shut our mouths about those things we think we need to impose on others.  I think we should, because I have to be frank here; it’s my opinion that there is no greater treacher nor traitor than he who sows discord amongst his countrymen for capital gain.  Such a one commits treason and should be hung.  In case you need help here, Glenn, that’s me pointing my finger at you.  But that’s my opinion, Glenn, not an actual law.  Do you know the difference?

The guidelines for Flag etiquette, Anthem etiquette, and Pledge etiquette are guidelines, not actual laws.  Get it?  Not only are you wrong for trying to create a controversy here, but I’m pretty certain that because no law was broken, you don’t even have a RIGHT to create one, you anthem nazi.

Nothing in your past or present indicates that you are a patriot.  It has been your life to live, but you could have made different choices and you didn’t.  A patriot isn’t made by words, Glenn; he’s made by deeds.  All of your words are as empty as your past.     ?

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