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The Clearest and Most Concise Description of Foreclosure Fraud and Resultant Ramifications that I Have Ever Read

Wow! I just tumbled onto this. Upon researching the writer, he appears to be a big Libertarian Republican type guy. Interesting. Just goes to show that sometimes there may indeed be an overlap between the left and the right when we discuss things like Rule of Law and property rights. Anyway, I highly recommend –

U.S. Mortgage Crisis: Where Does The Homeowner Stand?
Housing-Market / US Housing Feb 06, 2011 – 05:24 AM

By: Stephen_Merrill


This might be a good link to send to those who claim that this financial crisis is just too complex for simpleton Americans to understand.

The writer doesn’t appear to have many high hopes for federal prosecutions or legislative remedies. Me neither since President Obama has surrounded and aligned himself with the perps.

On a side note, I read a suggestion in a comments section of the LA Times business section a great suggestion for President Obama’s reelection slogan:

Chagrin You Can Believe In

Update –
Sorry, no idea why the link is not working. It does work if you paste it into your browser.

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