Making Hate Visible, Tangible and Reprehensible

I'd like to open up a dialogue and get some creative input to an idea that is growing in my mind, triggered by the arson in N.C. 

Several readers pointed out how frequently hate crimes (and suicides) are reclassified, glossed over, unprosecuted, and quickly forgotten.  What I am envisioning is creating something like the Aids Quilt or the Vietnam War wall, only in cyberspace, for recording incidents and remembering the victims of LGBT hate crimes.

Ideally it would serve several purposes.
For victims:
A place to record their stories,to testify to the pain of violence and judgment
A place to seek community support in time of need
A memorial to the fallen

To the LGBT community
A data resource for political action, and local and national activism
A source of inspiratation
Warning of trends and dangers
A resource for media coverage, photos, stories etc.
An indictment of injustice 

So that's as far as my idea has come…it needs a  lot fo help to come to reality…maybe Facebook could be made to serve the purpose, kind of like Project Out…or maybe some of you have an even more splendid solution.  Please comment!









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