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Huffington Post: a Corporate Progressive Site? What a Sick Joke

I used to post nearly every day at but now after their merger with AOL: I will not post there again.

American Capitalism has a way of absorbing and destroying talent: our talent. Arianna’s love letter to the head of AOL was like a kick to the stomach. Her recent articles during her trip to Davos were no more than gossip. Arianna ignored Egypt entirely. I had to get information from Europe: on how the bankers and the wealthy of the world at Davos were reacting to a rolling revolt across the Arab world. Now we know why. She was overcome with the prospect of being extremely wealthy and was shopping for a private jet.

Arianna is now part of the problem and not part of the solution. America is for the super wealthy and the Oligarchs.

This is an example of American Capitalism at its best:  we helped build up the site and she gets the hundreds of millions, while we get to cheer her on. There is no way AOL shareholders are going to accept criticism of Capitalism, unless it is moderated, watered down and emphasizes community work over action.

The idea of a Corporate Progressive News Site is ridiculous. Does she really think we are that stupid? Clearly she does. I for one feel idiotic forever thinking the site was more than just a way to make her “filthy” rich.

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