“There’s just too much money in it.” [1] Astounding admission.  Today Hilliary Clinton answered the question as to why the U.S.  couldn’t legalize drugs. The laundering of illegal funds is one of the primary functions of the multi-national financial institutions today. Additionally, it must be clearly noted that the U.S. intelligence agencies have and continue to use profits from drugs as a primary “off the books” source of funding operations in support of the plutocracy to which they are a party.[3]

Consider the fact that in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban, opium production was reduced to very low levels not seen prior. This was a disruption of major significance to the flow of funds long depended upon.[2]  With the liberation of Afghanistan, we are well again.

The other side of the money is in the burgeoning and profitable prison industry in the U.S. It is an anomaly to the current economic trends. For profit private prison industry partners are firmly at the teat of the Homeland Security complex. Plus all those private partners who develop systems for the military, on the public bill, and now seek to expand a customer base in the security industry. Too much money in it baby, and we can’t change that.

Just as imperial war and occupation can’t be stopped now either; the juggernaut most terrible, the reaper of souls, the flesh harrow, has been loosed in it’s most devastating form. It is the kind hand of modern, post 9/11, American democracy(tm).

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