Delusional Obama Begs For Jobs

Cross-posted at Bin Quick

Today President Obama crawled across the street on his stomach to the Chamber of Commerce to report that he has capitulated to their every demand, to ask for further instructions, and to beg the Chamber for jobs. Obama hopes that Chamber will create enough jobs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to save his political career.  I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce is planning to donate heavily Democratic in 2012, or that’s what they will lead Obama to believe until they don’t.

In another example of complete stupidity and utter naivety, Obama tried to brow-beat Corporate America into investing in America.  These are the same corporations that owe their existence to cheap Chinese and Indian labor. Obama still doesn’t understand American corporations. Corporate America’s only concern is the next quarterly report and their stock price. Nothing else matters, not National Security, not patriotism, and definitely not morality. These corporate titans live behind gated walls, travel among themselves, and have more in common with Russian oligarchs than the average Americans. American workers are just pork-bellies to be leveraged against Chinese, Indian, or Bangladesh pork-bellies.

Maybe Obama will realize that his political future depends on Mid-West Rust-Belt jobs. That is the only thing that gives me hope that Obama is working on behalf of Americans and not his corporate masters. It’s ironic that “the corporation acting as president” re-election depends on blue-collar hourly jobs. Every policy, every trade deal, and every capitulation was for nothing, and now Obama gets to reap the benefits of his surrenders and lies. I can’t wait to vote this Republican-Democrat out of office. Maybe Obama should ask Tom Donohue, how did Ronald Reagan get re-elected?

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