YJ Draiman officially running for mayor of Los Angeles – 2013

I am motivated by the wish to serve the Los Angeles community and protect our quality of life.  I have the skill, experience, long time community involvement and personal commitment to lead the city.  I will work hard to preserve residents’ priorities and the city’s coffers, during the difficult financial times ahead.  Some of my more specific goals are encouraging economic vitality, preserving and improving the City infrastructure, protecting the quality of our neighborhoods, supporting our open space and bicycle trails programs, working with the Neighborhood Councils and the Chamber to encourage local, innovative green businesses, and proper Urban Planning for Los Angeles, among others.

I previously ran for City Council in District 12.

I decided that to do the job right I must run for Mayor.

I am an Energy/Utility Auditor/Consultant for over 20 years.

I am planning on completing my PHD in Energy Conservation in 2011

I am married to a darling wife, we have two grown children – my oldest son is David Draiman a famous Rock Star with a Band by the name Disturbed, my younger son is a Psychologist doing research.

I am looking forward to being elected and serving the people of the City of Los Angeles.

We must work together as a cohesive force to improve our city.

“Transparency and accountability is my motto”


YJ Draiman for Mayor – 2013

WEB:  www.draimanformayor.org

Draiman for Mayor

Draiman for Mayor

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