Out of all the corporate American media and its talking heads only one, to my knowledge, has pointed out a common theme behind all of the revolutions and all of the popular unrest that is visible in the Middle East and Europe.

Glenn Beck, of all people, with his charts and graphs and maps and crying. Earlier this week, he had a segment, lampooned on the Daily Show, where he had a map of the region with little fires blazing in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, England, and Ireland.

He labeled the popular unrest in all those countries as being part of some Islamo-socialist conspiracy to undermine freedom, where I would call it a working class rebellion against exploitation, but at least he used the S-word, socialism, even though it was out of context. Beck recognized that all of the unrest in all of those countries is starting from the bottom up, that is, it’s class warfare. And then, he wailed, if America isn’t vigilant, it could happen here!

In that sense, he’s right. What is happening is a cross-regional revolt against corporatism, the middle and working classes rising up against growing inequality of wealth, declining standards of living, and austerity measures proposed by governments to preserve the power of a bunch of looting capitalists. He is also right in warning that it could happen in America.

Of course, Beck, servant of the ruling corporato-fascist class that he is, thinks this tide of political and social unrest is a BAD thing. I, socialist that I am, think it’s a GOOD thing. But we both agree that the phenomenon is based on economic status and power, and that it crosses national and regional lines.

We’re just on opposite sides. Still, I must give credit where credit is due. Glenn Beck, thank you for pointing out what all of the revolutions and social unrest in Europe, Africa, and southwest Asia have in common: popular resentment against the ruling financial order.

Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian