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One million pizzas.

That’s the number of pizzas the NFL’s official pizza provider, Papa John’s, forecasts in sales today. Add the forecasts of Domino’s Pizza (1.2 million pizzas) and Pizza Hut (2 million) pizzas — that’s one hellacious amount of dough, sauce and cheese being delivered today.

You might as well double the pizza forecast since Little Caesar’s, Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake, and a plethora of independent pizza restaurants make up more than 75% of the remaining marketshare.

What a lot of calories, too — the average slice of pepperoni and cheese pizza weighs in at an estimated 230 calories, and very few Super Bowl partiers in reach of a pizza pie will limit themselves to a single slice today.

Frozen pizza sales will be up substantially this week as well, by roughly 70%; it’s become a popular option not only because frozen pizza technology has improved over the last decade, but the cost is more appetizing during an economic downturn, saving a delivery tip at a minimum.

But this is only a fraction of the Super Bowl snack food story; last year, 106 million people watched the game. Massaging the numbers, that’s roughly 12-13 people per pizza — or a solid rationalization for a mess of chili or many chicken wings.

In this household we’re going with homemade pizza this evening. It’s tasty, it scales up easily depending on how many people are hungry (I’ll simply freeze the extra dough if we only need a smaller pizza), and it’s fresh and fast.

And we can control the calories, too. We’ll be using low fat mozzarella and turkey pepperoni on ours today, saving 50 to 100 fat calories per slice — even more with a veggie-mozzarella version. Served along side a raw vegetable tray, it’ll be a healthy Super Bowl dinner.

What about you? What are you having this Super Bowl Sunday?

Oh, did I mention that while some of our family members may dine on healthy homemade pizza while watching football, at least one of us will be dining on the same while watching a chick flick? How many of you are going sans football tonight? Do tell.



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