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Saturday Art: Liveblogging The WGA Awards

Hey, kids.  I’m representing FDL at the WGAE Awards tonight. Very exciting.

The Writers Guild of America represents writers in motion pictures, televisino, cable, digita media, and broadcast news. Just as important, it is the voice of these artists at the legislative level. Tonight, the WGAE is working in tandem with its West Coast sister to present their awards.

Kristen Schaal, the host for the evening, takes the podium. You may know her from “Flight of the Conchords”, and “The Daily Show”. She cracks wise almost instantly, She says nobody leaves this auditorium until “Mubarak steps down”.

You can view the list of nominees here.

Wow, they get the smaller awards out of the way pretty quickly with this group.

Episodic Comedy:  Robert Carlock, 30 Rock.

On-Air Promotions: Ann DeVega for CSI.

Graphic Design: Sunday Morning By Design.

Screenwriters for Video Games: Assassin’s Creek

A very pregnant Gretchen Mol has taken the stage to present long form adaptation. And the winner is The Pacific, Part 8!

Long Form original: Peter Morgan, the Special Relationship

Hey, it’s Boardwalk Empire’s Vincent Piazza to present the award for documentary: Rob Rapley for “Wyatt Earp”, part of PBS’ “American Experience”

Documentary, current events: Rick Young, Frontline’s “Flying Cheap”

Kristen Schaal takes the stage one more time, imitating Christian Bale. That’s acting for you…

Best Children’s Script, longform or special: Julie Sherman Wolf and Amy Talkington, for”Avalon High”

Children’s Animation:  “Imagination Movers: Happy Ha-Ha-Holidays”, Michael G. Stern, et al…

Animation: Futurama’s “Irreconciable Differences,” Patrick Verrone

Michael Winship, the president of WGAE on stage. On a somber note, he recounts the attacks on journalists in Egypt, and the risks investigative reporters (yes, they’re still out there) take every day.

He presents the John Merriman Award for the study of broadcast journalism  to Jeremy Borden of American University.

Analysis,   Feature or Commentary: Jenny Dubin, 60 Minutes, “Resurrecting Eden”

Regularly Scheduled, Breaking Report, or Bulletin:  “Sunday Morning Almanac”

True Blood’s Dennis O’Hare presents for

Episodic Drama (one episode): “Mad Men” – “the Chrysanthemum & the Sword”

Episodic Drama: The writers of “Mad Men” take home the award for Episodic Drama Series.

Tony Gilroy,  is presenting the Ian McLellan Hunter Lifetime Achievement Award to screenwriter, playwright, novelist…his father, Frank Gilroy (Now I know why they don’t televise these shows – they’d have to do a lot of bleeping.) You may be familiar with “The Subject Was Roses”?

Oh, my! It’s John Waters! Presenting for adapted screenplay

…and the winner is:  Aaron Sorkin for “The Social Network”! Mr. Sorkin is accepting his award in L.A. Are we surprised?

The WGA has a new award this year – New Media. WOOT!

I think I need to watch “Gossip Girl”, because Matthew Settle has a great speaking voice. He’s presenting the New Media awards:

Outstanding Achievement in Writing, New Media: Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward,

New Media, Derivative: “Frank v. Lutz,” John Haller,

The Daily Show’s very, very funny Wyatt Cenac presents for Radio:

Radio Documentary: Gail Lee, “2009 Year in Review,” CBS Radio

News Regularly Scheduled, Bulletin or Breaking Report: Paul Farey, CBS World News Roundup

News Analysis, Feature or Commentary, Gail Lee, CBS Radio

Wow. It’s Lee Grant! For those who don’t know this little tidbit, she was Joe McCarthy’s blacklist in the 50’s and was married to a blacklisted writer,  so she should know from courage and repression. Ms. Grant presents the Evelyn F. Burkey Award to the Academy of Arts & Science Foundation’s Archive of American Television.

Erica Slezak, better known as “Vicki Lord” of “One Life to Live,” presents the award for  “Daytime Drama”: the WGA Award goes to the writers of  “As The World Turns”. Bittersweet, since the show was finally cancelled after 54 years.

Jenny Lumet and Marshall Brickman presents the Michael Collyer Memorial Fellowship in Screenwriting. The award goes to a student crazy enough to try to make a living writing scripts! Congratulations to James Delapo, who is studying at NYU. Damned precocious kids.

The actor John Larroquette takes the stage to present for Best Series…

…and “Boardwalk Empire” takes home the award!

And Best Comedy Series…”Modern Family”.

Merritt Weaver from “Nurse Jackie” presents for Comedy/Variety Series…

…the writers of  “The  Colbert Report” take home the prize!

Music, Awards, Tributes: “National Memorial Day Concert 2010”

And the big awards now: Best Original  Screenplay, presented by Kathleen Turner:

and the award goes to Christopher Nolan for “Inception”!

And the last one…Documentary Screenplay:  “Inside Job”,  Charles Ferguson, Chad Beck, and Adam Bolt.

The WGA Awards have drawn to a close. Let us hope that the WGA, and unions in general, can perservere  in the  anti-worker climate the country has become mired in.

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