Cross-country skiing in Schwedentritt, Germany (photo: Wikimedia)

We’re getting more snow this weekend. It will start out with rain and sleet, then maybe a couple more inches on top of the mess we got earlier this week.  So far, this winter is not quite as bad as last winter, but it may still catch up to last year’s record snow total before the vernal equinox arrives near the end of March.

I just wish I had some cross-country skis, so that I could get a real cardio workout during these snows. For one thing, you stay really warm cross-country skiing… not like downhill skiing, where you freeze most of the time. If winters are going to continue here with so much snow… I’ll have to get a pair before next winter. Maybe Santa will bring me some. Or maybe I’ll buy them myself and just pretend they’re from Santa.

Back in the ’80s, when I first moved to the Philadelphia area, we rented some cross-country skis one weekend and went to Valley Forge. There was also a great hill for sledding where my daughter (then in elementary school) had a wonderful time. We went with some friends, one of whom stayed with her at the sledding hill. It was my first time ever on cross-country skis and I haven’t been on them since, but I still remember how warm I was. It’s time to repeat that experience. Besides, I need to get in better shape before I hit the bit 60 in a couple of years.

I had hoped to have some more snowy photos for you…  but, alas, we have had only sleet and rain. It was very icy and slippery walking to the train on Wednesday.

Sounds like there was a lot of snow in the Midwest. According to HuffPost, all flights in Chicago were canceled. How about you? Any difficulties traveling around in the past few days? Do you like to ski? And do you prefer downhill or cross-country? Should we plan a virtual ski trip in these threads?