Long Of Tooth, Short Of Tooth — Or Something Like Those

Hi Blenders,

If you’ve been wondering where my diaries and commentaries have been of late, “we” (in the royal sense of me!)  can attribute this up to being long of tooth, short of tooth, or something like those.

In the long of tooth sense  — long of tooth being a phrase referring to getting older — I am getting older, and subject to the ravages effects of age on my body. In the short of tooth sense, I had a molar removed about two weeks ago because a filling had fallen out of it, and there wasn’t enough tooth left to fill it again.

In the “Why haven’t you been writing of late?”, I’ve had dry socket. My dentist told me yesterday it’s one of the two worst cases of dry socket he’s seen since he was hired by the Veterans Administration — the other case ended up being a jaw infection being coupled with the dry socket. Needless to say, I’ve been in a significant amount of pain for this past two weeks, and prescription Percocet has been addressing the pain only in a limited way.

I’ve been to the dentist four times already over the tooth, and go back again gawd-awful early Monday morning for a fifth trip. A sixth trip is highly likely.

So I’m sorta long of tooth, more than sorta short of a tooth, and in a real sense have been out of it. What energy I’ve had most of the past two weeks has been directed at just getting through the mundane aspects of life — such as buying groceries, paying the bills, trying to get some sleep and rest between the bouts of excruciating pain, and trying to make sure I intake enough food to heal — and not to writing for Pam’s House Blend.

Hopefully I’ll be back to writing soon, but in the meantime:


Warmest thoughts,


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