Tomorrow will mark the 1,000th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan. One of the wingnut welfare queens at the Corner burbles:

Ronald Reagan is loved by nearly everyone these days — at least, nearly everyone can find something good to say about the man.

There is a kernel of truth in there, in the sense that corn remnants are often detectable in even the most incoherent shit.

I myself would say of Reagan, I suppose semi-positively, that in comparison to his Republican successors Bush père et fils, he probably wasn’t as immediately catastrophically abominable.

But even this faint damn is etiolated by the facts that (a) the Bushes were his fault, both directly and in terms of the assholish halfwit ideology he did so much to mainstream though he was likely too dim/demented to grasp; and, (b) the Democratic presidents that followed him showed how this pernicious shithead ideology could indeed be implemented competently, thus fucking up the nation and the world, probably irretrievably.

But whatever, the overall point is that I wouldn’t piss on Reagan’s disgusting legacy to put out the fire I’d set to it.

Still though. I come not to bury Reagan, nor to wanly praise him for having at least the vague awareness that sometimes you need to raise taxes because of math, something 21st century wingnuts disbelieve in, as it is anathema to their peculiar jihaddery.

No, I come to look askance at the, uh, come, with which Greater Wingnuttia is slobbering themselves [et passim] over the already thoroughly fellated corpse of their ancient idiot idol, the pasty wrinkly obelisk,  the whitened, well-polished waistland… and then to compare it to this, which would be the NRO shithead search for “Obama messiah,” where you can find endless numbers of posts in which dimwit conservatives wax wroth over how silly it is to start worshiping a politician as a God.

Cute li’l delusional fucknoses, ain’t they? Can’t stop torture, war, Goldman Sachs? Pray harder.

(Thers — Re: the video — you don’t have to, but listen to the entire Elvis Costello interview before hearing the song; he speaks for me; as for Thatcher, so goes Reagan.)



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