Practice makes perfect.

Here is where the Islamicists started working on their tactics for suicide-hijacking. Passengers reported that they discussed flying the A300 Airbus into the Eiffel Tower.

Which spreads out to a feature length film:

If we do get this film, having a few million Americans see L’Assault might well put paid to “Freedom Fries” nonsense and the mad Bush & Co. slanders against the French.

The new film from Julien Leclercq will premier on March 9, 2011. So far there is no announcement to indicate that this will be released in America.

The L’Assaut Movie poster has premiered. The movie poster for the Julien Leclerq film is obviously from the last third of the film when Air France Flight 8969 is raided. L’Assaut / The Assault (2011) stars Vincent Elbaz, Mélanie Bernier, Grégori Derangère, and Aymen Saidi. L’Assaut‘s plot synopsis: “On Christmas Eve 1994 four armed men from the Islamic terrorist group GIA hijacked Air France Flight 8969 in Algiers. When they landed in Marseille the plane was raided by highly trained French forces and all four kidnappers killed.”

Four heavily armed Afghansi veterans boarded Flight 8969 in Algeria carrying 20 sticks of dynamite. Seven years later the 9/11 suicide-hijackers and their handlers learned from the mistakes, here, that allowed France’s G.I.G.N. to retake the plane.

Time magazine covered this suicide-hijacking event in detail on January 9, 1995.

The hostage drama began on Christmas Eve as Air France Flight 8969 prepared for a scheduled 11:15 a.m. departure for Paris. Most of the 227 passengers had settled into their seats in an almost festive mood, as they looked forward to joining family and friends for the holidays. The boarding of four armed men in blue uniforms with Air Algerie identification badges caused no alarm. Explaining they were security agents, the men proceeded to check the passengers’ passports. Then they suddenly closed and locked the doors. “I knew it was a hostage taking when they shouted, ‘Allah is great!’ ” recalled a 40-year-old Algerian-born mechanic now living in France. “I thought of my children back in France, and I became afraid. Three men entered the cockpit, the fourth covered us with his Kalashnikov. No one budged. Then the waiting started.”

For two of the travelers, the wait was over all too soon. One traveler, an Algerian policeman identified during the passport check, was ordered by the hijackers to the front of the plane. Passengers heard him plead, “Don’t kill . me, I have a wife and child!” The terrorists shot him in the head and dumped him outside onto a baggage cart, where he lay in agony for some time. The second victim was Bui Giang To, 48, a commercial attache at the Vietnamese embassy in Algiers. “They asked the Vietnamese man sitting in the rear to come forward,” recounted one of the passengers. “Poor guy — we saw him come back to get his leather jacket. Then we heard the shot.”

Anatomy of a Hijack — By THOMAS SANCTON — Time Magazine 1/9/1995
America’s F.A.A. learned, too.

But then F.A.A.’s Committee on Security and Counterterrorism decided not to issue changes to bring American practice in line with international I.C.A.O. standards. Here is a solid time line built around Richard Clarke and the F.B.I.’s John O’Neill for what was going right in the American government prior to 9/11.

Willful misfeasance on the part of our Top Secret Clearance security elite defeated the protections that Clarke and O’Neill had worked so hard to set up.

When we get a film about Coleen Rowley — played competently by Hilary Swank, of course — we’ll have the other side of the failures that gave the Islamicists a free ride on 9/11.

[NOTE: I am a WTC survivor. Got a FIMA number. Lost friends. Lost people we knew here in town.]