At 3:30pm ET Greg Mitchell will be here with emptywheel to discuss his new book The Age of WikiLeaks, From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond).  Mr. Mitchell runs an ongoing blog on the WikiLeak cables at The Nation.

The first book to chart the incredible rise of WikiLeaks, and its political and media impact, from April 2010 to late-January 2011, written by award-winning author Greg Mitchell, whose daily WikiLeaks blog at The Nation has gained a vast worldwide audience. Includes gripping, revelatory chapters on every major WikiLeaks release of the past year, current controversies, up close with Julian Assange, the Bradley Manning case, and what lies ahead in the brave new world of leaking…. Can order book only here at Blurb. Contact author for bulk sales, foreign rights, fundraising copies: ….Published by Sinclair Books.”From the moment I discovered Greg Mitchell’s amazing WikiLeaks blog it has become indispensable. ‘The Age of WikiLeaks’ follows in the footsteps of his brilliant books on nuclear threat, the Iraq war, the media and American politics.”

“One of the nation’s most insightful journalists, Greg Mitchell, tackles in this book one of the most fascinating and important political controversies of the last decade: WikiLeaks. Few commentators know more about this vital topic. Mitchell’s daily blog has been a must-read for anyone following the WikiLeaks saga.”

The Age of WikiLeaks

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