As noted below, the Koch Bros are sparing no expense in hiring the best and brightest to spin away their malignant drive to destroy the world for profit. Besides the best and the brightest, the Kochs have, once again, retained Nancy Pfotenhauer to lie her pfucking ass off. Through the miracle of YourInterTubes, there is extensive historical video documentation of Nancy allowing herself to be publicly humiliated to the point where even professional bukkake models have been known to avert their eyes.

Here is Nancy defending floundering VP candidate Sarah Palin after Palin claimed that the Vice President is ” in charge of the U.S. Senate so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes …”

Here is Nancy claiming that Barack Obama called Sarah Palin a “pig” after Obama used the expression “lipstick on a pig” in a campaign speech:

For this she gets money. Probably not enough….

But wait, there’s more!


Here is another recent Koch hire, Michael Goldfarb, in his one brief shining moment speaking for the McCain campaign, after which they reeled him back in and put him on the bench with Carly Fiorina who didn’t exactly cover herself in glory in the days before she flamed out on her own campaign.

It’s worth noting that, after that interview, douchebags began insulting fellow douchebags by using the expression “what a fucking Goldfarb”….



Yeah. Like I would tell you....