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The Trap!

What we are seeing is the “over-lay for the under-play”. Consider this; after propping up a dictator in Egypt for 30 years our government will now allow the people of Egypt to be free. If you believe this I have some Florida swamp land for sale. We own them, just as we own most if not all the peoples of the region. Yesterday when I watched the pro-democracy protestors being corralled into the square by the so-called friendly military I told my wife that this could be a trap! Sure enough, no sooner than the cattle were all in the pen the slaughter began. The Military stand by (pretending to be neutral) while the people are attached. The “good cop”, Obama fakes sympathy for the people yet being the commander and chief of our military which provides the life blood (military training and equipment) to the Egyptian army will not pull the plug. Lastly, watch how your corporate media (with its many talking heads) spins this. Once again Democracy will be snuffed out in the name of stability. The Lanny Davis types will be hard at work repackaging whatever new dictator Obama has already agreed to replace Mubarak with.

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