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The motion picture awards season is upon us and naturally those who take such an interest in such things are highly interested in who will win the lion's share of honors.

Not so for Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. To him, it's all about standing against the so-called conspiracy to “recruit” into Americans into debauchery.

And he is now claiming that the box office is on his side in this matter:

The president of the Family Research Council says Hollywood's biggest flop may be its own ticket sales.

In a recent FRC podcast, Tony Perkins points out that people are not going to as many movies these days — and who can blame them, he asks.

“As far as Hollywood is concerned, it's not art if it doesn't offend,” he opines. “The biggest winners in last week's Golden Globe Awards were shows like Black Swan, Glee, and The Kids Are All Right — and their whole purpose is pushing a liberal political agenda.”

Perkins says while that may be how producers define success, box-office figures indicate clearly that audiences see things differently. “The Kids Are All Right, which is the story of two lesbians raising a family, came in 113th in ticket sales,” he notes. “Toy Story 3, last year's box-office winner, made 21 times more money than Kids did.”

The first inclination of course is to tell Perkins to chill out because these are only movies – except for Glee, which is a television show – but far be it from me to point out yet again how deceptive Perkins is being.

Perkins is accurate about Toy Story 3. It was last year's box office champ and did make a lot of money.  According to Box Office Mojo, the exact domestic total was $415,004,880 from a budget of $200 million. Its worldwide gross is $1,063,161,943

On its opening weekend in June – during the summer box office season, it was shown in over 4,000 theaters. Furthermore, Toy Story 3 was a continuation of a highly successful movie series – i.e. Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

And I haven't even begun talking about its promotion.

By contrast The Kid Are Alright was a movie which has made worldwide total $29,365,490 on a budget of $4 million. It was given limited release on July 9, opening at seven theatres. During its time at the box office, the most theatres it was ever played at was 994.

In terms of hype and promotion, comparing it to Toy Story 3 is like comparing apples and oranges.

But since Perkins and the Family Research Council have lied about so many other things, why should anyone be surprised about how unashamedly they lie about this issue?


Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen