Cyclone Yasi – A Marxist Plot

NASA infrared image of Cyclone Yasi at 1:29 p.m. local time Feb. 2; the center was just southeast of Willis Island.

I finish my morning bike ride and walk into our office. It’s  7:03 and it’s already hot.  I  turn off the dehumidifier and empty the water from the reservoir into a watering can and water the garden in the backyard.  Waste not.  Want not.  Although a water shortage will be the least of our problems in the days to come. The oncoming rains will send the water gushing from the top of our water tank.  The downpipes will fill and back up over the roof if we can’t get the water away fast enough.  I turn on my computer and scan the net for the news.  My wife sends me a story from the ABC (Australia’s Government owned broadcasting network) about the cyclone off the coast of Far North Queensland.    When it arrives it won’t be pretty.  First the massive floods  and now this.  The old one two and it’s down for the count.  Winds are predicted to reach over 280 kilometres and hour. Trees will be ripped from the ground along with roofs, farm machinery and anythings else that isn’t bolted down and some things that are.  Homes will flood and be washed away. Heartbreaking.

Great chunks of coral will be torn from the Great Barrier Reef and washed inland along with brightly coloured fish, nudibranchs, shrimp, shellfish.   They will die.  When the massive tides abate and the winds drop off, the water will rush back to sea bringing with it top soil and debris.  It will cover the coral with nutrient rich topsoil and the coral that managed to stay firm will die.  Like I said, it won’t be pretty.  I dived this reef years ago. One of the seven wonders of the modern world.  It was beautiful. It will take years to recover, if ever.  Heartbreaking.

Last night was hot, steamy.  We slept without sheets, both fans working overhead.  Sometime in the middle of the night or early hours it cooled enough to pull up a thin cotton sheet. 4:40 this morning the heat returned and we pushed the sheet back to the foot of the bed.

I live in a small coastal village in the northern New South Wales.  We will escape the blast.  The ocean swells will arrive from the north and the surf will be huge.  The surfers will be out in force.  We will get more bucketing rain and probably be cut off from the capital cities again but nothing too serious.  We’re on the fringe.

We watch the news this afternoon.  The doors are shut.  The blinds are down.  The air-con is on.  I step outside.  Wind lashes the trees.  The air is thick and heavy enough to bench press.

The cyclone will hit the mainland in Queensland at 12  tonight.  Thousands of kilometres away Sydney  suffers a heatwave. The weather is extreme.  . . .

I check the SF Gate site.  “A Monster Storm Begins its Trek Across the Midwest” is the headline.  The weather is extreme.  I don’t think pleasant thoughts…my first thought is that maybe now these silly bastards will wake up that there is something wrong.  Climate Change is real and the Giant Fossil Fuel Companies know it.

Profits before the environment.  Profits before people.  Profits before survival. Pay off an expert with a degree in Classic Literature or Religious Studies.

A few days ago I encountered an expert in a YouTube debate.  He was an expert in history.  He informed me that Hitler was a Socialist.  I never knew, I always thought he was a Fascist.  He also informed me that Climate Change is a Marxist Plot.  I never knew.  I always thought it was a warning from scientists who spent lifetimes studying climate and collecting data.

You can’t blame that on public education.  No socialist government indoctrination for this guy.  Private schools all the way.   I suggested he demand a refund.  He thought I was being sarcastic.

The threat isn’t science.  The threat isn’t Marx.  The the threat is rapacious corporate greed and it’s attendant media of misinformation and the fundamental religious paranoia of all things science. Yes the earth is round.  It’s not flat. The earth orbits around the sun. Free Galileo!  The pretty colours shimmering on the wall are not dancing angels but sunlight shining through a crystal prism.  Free Francis Bacon!

Climate science is not a Marxist plot.

I watched Georgia’s Jack Kingsley on Bill Maher get hammered by Kim Campbell, the former Canadian PM, over a debate about Climate Change.  Up against the ropes and metaphorically bleeding from all orifices, Kingsley bleated that ‘science was too political’.  My ears burned with embarrassment.  When Oklahoma’s Senator Jim Inhofe went to Copenhagen during the Climate Conference he was laughed off his soap box by European journalists…they should have seen the people who voted for him and the industries that supported him.

I am  American.  I watch the homeland from a distance and wonder what has happened to us.  I’m not alone and I don’t believe I’m even in the minority…so when are we going to shut down the ignorance and do what has to be done?  You know.  Take these nay-sayers and put them on a coral island in the South Pacific, maybe the Cook Islands or Tonga or the Solomon Islands.  Let them wait in blistering sun and  sweltering humidity as the tide begins to rise and crescent shark fins slice the surface of the Marxist Plot and await a ritual feast of ignorance.

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