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CNN’s Erick Erickson Blames Obama for Egyptian “Implosion”

Courtesy of Teh Sadly

Obama lost Egypt! It’s Iran in ’79 all over again! He’s a black Jimmy Carter!

We cannot blame Barack Obama for Egypt collapsing in on itself.

We can however blame Barack Obama for failing to mitigate and control the impact of the collapse.

Like when a demolition team sets about bringing down a crumbling building — and we now know Obama collaborated to help bring down Egypt — the demolition team must make sure the building, as it implodes, does not throw debris and carnage all over the place. If that happens, the demolition team is liable.

It’s amazing how a feckless, peacenik, weak-kneed, blame-‘Mericka-first Defeatocrat could “bring down” a Middle Eastern dictatorship that’s been in power for 30 years without firing a single shot.

Nice job, Barry!

But speaking of carnage and debris, does this mean Erickson holds the demolition team of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld responsible for the bloody chaos they unleashed in Iraq?

Guess not.

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