Bravehearts of Egypt: we close our eyes and see you coming together in Tahrir Square nine days ago, first in trepidation, but with conviction and courage.  As the hours and the days passed, you grew into a glorious organism, a whole that grew and multiplied, fed by the love you feel for each other and your nation, strengthening your bonds so well that your brothers in the Army could not resist your Rightness and Light.

We marvel at your strength as a people.  You have for centuries been ruled by Pharaohs and those who have ruled as proxies for them, victimized by those who would keep you half-buried in sand to further their own ends.

We attempt to name the reasons you have now risen to throw off the yokes of oppression and tyranny as if we can know.  Perhaps you can’t even name all of the pieces that propelled you here , but you feel that it must be thus.

Perhaps you feel it on the wind, the voice of freedom that may be wafting over the planet, emanating from the stars and planets beyond…we close our eyes to imagine being you, and can almost hear the same celestial chimes, almost hear the sounds your poets and musicians will translate and sing of from now into eternity:

A change is going to come.

You will make it to the Promised Land.

It is written.

It may have been written by Seers in the ancient texts in Alexandria that were said to be all the knowledge in the world…and though the texts were destroyed, their contents were whispered to you over time, knowledge kept locked inside as archetypical hero images ready to spring forth when the time was right.

There is no turning back; you have changed Egypt forever, no matter what the next days and months bring.

A change is going to come.

Let us help speed you on your way; feel us giving you strength and resolve, softening your hunger and thirst and pain as you move through this journey, shaming us a little with your valor in the face of such danger.

We are in awe of you, people of Egypt.  Your dedication makes us weep, and it causes our hearts to grow larger.  You may even help us find our own way one day.

Godspeed to you all, our hearts and hands…to yours.

Update: Call or email the White House to ask Obama to help get Mubarak out NOW:   Comments:  202-456-1111

Kefaya!  Enough!