Map of Egypt (source: CIA World Factbook)

The metro population of Cairo is estimated at  19,400,000.

How does that huge number compare to state populations in the US?   In other words, how many states’ worth of US citizens would fit into Cairo’s metropolitan population?

A quick click to Wikipedia, and a quick spreadsheet estimate suggests that the population of the metropolitan region of Cairo would scatter across fifteen US states:

Nevada  2,700,551
New Mexico   2,059,179
West Virginia  1,852,994
Nebraska  1,826,341
Idaho   1,567,582
Hawaii  1,360,301
New Hampshire  1,316,470
Rhode Island  1,052,567
Montana  989415
Delaware  900877
South Dakota  814180
Alaska  710231
North Dakota  672591
Vermont  625741
Wyoming   563626

If the Al Jazeera news reports of 1,700,000 Egyptians demonstrating out in the streets are accurate, that translates roughly to the combined populations of Wyoming, Vermont, all North Dakota all pouring out on the streets of Egypt.

Imagine every man, woman, child in Wyoming, Vermont, and North Dakota out on the streets determined to find some way to have more control over their lives and communities, to defy tyranny.  The mind boggles.

However, simply comparing rough numbers does not really convey the magnitude of what seems to be happening: the demographics of US states are much older, overall, than the Egyptian populations.  Imagine if over half the populations of Wyoming, Vermont, and North Dakota were under the ages of 30: if that were the case, the political and economic issues would be different than we currently see in the U.S.

Consider that over half the Egyptian is under age 30, and what we are watching is momentous in more ways than we can possibly grasp at this time.  

(I’ve put sources below, in case anyone wants to double-check my math.)




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