Time to blogwhore, share headlines and comment on some stories out there today…

Some that have caught my eye:

* Daughter of President George W. Bush Adds Voice to HRC’s New Yorkers for Marriage Equality Campaign. It’s Barbara Bush.

* ‘Marriage Equality’ Banner Vandalized at Gay-Friendly Hollywood Church.

Of all L.A. neighborhoods, you’d think at least free-wheelin’ Hollywood (well, and its sister city to the West) would be a safe place to pray to whomever we choose while loving whomever we choose — a simple concept with big conservative enemies.

That’s what the progressive Hollywood United Methodist Church, located on the corner of Franklin Avenue and North Highland Avenue, has always been about; theirs is a refreshingly open-minded take on tradition.

…The vandal did a clean cut-job around the word “EQUALITY” — changing the message of the six-foot-by-eight-foot banner from “THIS CHURCH SUPPORTS MARRIAGE EQUALITY” to “THIS CHURCH SUPPORTS MARRIAGE.” It’s an obvious stab at the currently up-for-debate right of Californians to have same-sex, but otherwise traditional, marriage.

* Storm Warning: Problems with DADT Implementation Ahead (LBGTPOV):

At the Pentagon news conference on Friday, Jan. 28, 2011, it became painfully clear that we are a long way from open and honest service. Troops can still be discharged under the Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell (DADT) law and the President is not considering any stop loss order. There is no timeline for implementation of repeal, there is no legal protection against discrimination in place, nor contemplated, and there are no equal benefits for all married service members.

Even after implementation, GLB troops will not have available to them the remedies provided to other protected groups under the Military Equal Opportunity program. Is repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ever going to happen? Yes. Is DADT dead? No. DADT is fading but there is a long road ahead to achieve open service.

And that road is fraught with many potential detours. Now is not the time to celebrate but to become more vigilant and work to get the job done.

* GetEQUAL, along with other LGBT and Human Rights Groups Hold “Breakfast Without Bigotry” – Protest Outside of National Prayer Breakfast.

Join us as we protect our lives and speak up for those who can’t for fear of imprisonment and murder.

In the wake of the murder of Ugandan gay activist, David Kato, and the pending deportation of Brenda Namigadde from the UK back to Uganda, we believe it is imperative that “The Family” be exposed not only for their role as organizer of the National Prayer Breakfast, but for their relationship with many of our legislators and their influence on world affairs, including the annihilation of LGBT people worldwide.

While its organizers would have you believe the National Prayer Breakfast is an ecumenical gathering absent a policy agenda, it is in fact the tentpole event of the year for the clandestine operation “The Family”. This fringe group uses the visibility and support from the National Prayer Breakfast (attended by many politicians and business leaders) and other events to further its world-wide campaign against gay folk. Associates of “The Family” continue to promote a proposed law that would imprison for life and murder LGBT people-just for being who they are-

while also criminalizing knowing an LGBT person without reporting them.

“The Family” has invested much in mentoring current and future world leaders, including David Bahati, a Ugandan legislator and author of the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill (a.k.a. the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill).

On the morning of February 3, we’ll gather on the sidewalk outside the Prayer Breakfast to educate the attendees on “The Family’s” role in this annual event, to stand up to their bigotry, and to stop the Family’s interference in Ugandan affairs, which itself has been called a trial run for what they want to happen in the U.S.

More below the fold.* Log Cabin Republicans on DADT Repeal: Trust, But Verify.

Log Cabin Republicans are pleased that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the Obama administration’s latest attempt to indefinitely delay arguments in Log Cabin Republicans v. United States.  Despite legislation enacted last month which removed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ from U.S. code, the military has emphasized that the policy remains in force and the Obama Department of Justice continues to defend the ban in court.

“Seventeen years ago, another Democratic president promised open service for gay and lesbian Americans in uniform.  Instead, we got ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’  This time, Log Cabin Republicans are remembering the lesson of trust, but verify when dealing with the promises of this president,” said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper.  “Log Cabin Republicans supported the Comprehensive Working Group study and have offered to assist the Department of Defense in the development of training to expedite the implementation process. However, the fact remains that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is still in force, with discharge panels continuing to meet. The constitutional rights of servicemembers are still being violated, and therefore it is necessary Log Cabin Republicans v. United States goes on.”

* ‘Ex-Gay’ Organizations Have Spread Worldwide.

Last week, the world was horrified by the brutal murder of one of the Uganda’s best-known LGBT activists, David Kato The murder occurred about two years after an Anti Gay Conference was held in an African nation where being gay is considered a disease, and the only options are being “cured” or incarcerated or murdered. Kato’s death brings home the ugly truths of the international tentacles of the ex-gay movement and its uglier aftermath.

…The Family Life Network, a local Ugandan Non Governmental Organization that also included the participation of American evangelicals, organized that Anti Gay Conference. After the conference, an Anti Homosexuality Bill was introduced.

* 100 healthy sled dogs In Canada killed after business slows. This is beyond sick. Don’t read further if you are squeamish. This is what some think of man’s best friend – disposed, treated like garbage.

The 100 dogs were shot dead over two days after an expected post-Olympics boon in dogsledding business at an adventure company didn’t pan out. Most died instantly, but others suffered – like the one that ran away with its “face blown off and an eye hanging out.”

The gruesome event was described in documents awarding compensation to a worker, who claimed post-traumatic stress disorder for having to shoot the dogs after bookings dropped sharply for a tour operator following the 2010 Winter Olympics.

“He had to chase her down and finish her off,” Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations for the B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said of the wounded down that was run down and slain.

“There aren’t words to really describe some of the ways these dogs died,” she said. “We don’t put cows down like that. Slaughterhouses have very strict rules for how supposed culling takes place. This violated every one of them.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding