Fundie lesson of the day: Bob Nelson on 'counterfeit marriage'

OMFG. This man is a moron; I was trying to think of something more diplomatic to say but, well, I can’t. Evan Hurst of Truth Wins Out posted this hilarious video.

You see, Bob Nelson has a twenty dollar bill, and he says we need to find out if it’s real by asking the creators of the bill [apparently he doesn’t one of those fancy pens], and likewise, we need to ask the author of marriage [surely, his conception of an invisible sky-being!] what marriage really is, and then he reveals that he’s never opened a history book that isn’t approved by his pastor by stating that “never in history” has marriage ever been anything more than one man-one woman.

The comforting thing about what I do is that this is the absolute best our opposition has.

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