Post-Mubarak Egypt feared by Israel

Al Jezeera reports:

Israel has called on the United States and Europe to curb their criticism of president Hosni Mubarak “in a bid to preserve stability in Egypt” and the wider Middle East, an Israeli newspaper reports.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Monday that the foreign ministry, in an urgent special cable, instructed its ambassadors to key countries, to “stress … the importance of Egypt’s stability”.

Increasingly, president Mubarak has been isolated by swift and at times harsh criticism from Western leaders who called for reform. It is unclear how angry Egyptians will interpret Israel’s apparent support for their government.

Of course. The US has paid off Egypt for the past thirty years to guard Israel’s western flank, while it dealt with countries like Lebanon and Syria, whose lands Israel has occupied and still does. Now we hear that Hillary is calling for a meeting of all US ambassadors in the Middle East. Is there a connection?

It was reported that Clinton plans to meet personally with ambassadors from front-line states to hear about developments on the ground. Officials also expect that specific concerns about the WikiLeaks revelations will be raised.

It would appear that Israel’s greatest fear, strange as it seems for “the only democracy in the Middle East,” is democracy, in Egypt and possibly other countries like Jordan and Syria. Democracy in Lebanon is already a threat given the involvement of Hezbollah in the government.

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