One that works in your neighborhood and nationally.


1) Boycott the big national banks.  Move your money out of the banks, close the accounts, payoff the bank credit cards, open credit union accounts, use CCU atm and credit cards, refi your loans with credit unions and get active in credit union management. Do we really need to discuss the reasons why at this point?

2) Boycott any member of the Chamber of Com. in your community and tell them why to their face: they are members of a group that is subverting democracy.  Same with state and national C of C members; letters emails etc.  The national and state, they probably do not care, but the realtors and bankers in your neighborhood will when 10 or more people say the same thing.  The right is waging economic warfare on the middle class in this country; time to fight back in ways that hurt.

3) Get your precinct list from your registrar of voters and blank registration forms and go to every address at which there is no registered voter and offer to sign them up.  If Dem. mail it for them if necessary, if Rep. just give them a form.  In most states you can not refuse them, anyhow.  If decline to state or independent, then that is where you have the most work to do.

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