Feeling Egypted

Instead of providing you with a brilliant and thoughtful analysis regarding the recent events in Egypt as well as providing insights into the far-reaching  implications this may have upon the stability of the Middle East, described in a manner that has never been made in such detail or with such care, and based entirely  upon my extensive experience as a former roofer (a roofer who worked exclusively in cedar shingles, I might add, “cedar” as in the “Cedar Revolution” which just so happened to have occurred in Lebanon which is kind of close to Egypt, so suck it, Foreign Affairs, I got this shit, okay? Back off.)… so, anyway, instead of that wordy-talky stuff, here is seven minutes of a basset puppy barking like an idiot and playing with a red ball.

Remember, people in Egypt can’t even see this because their intertubes have been tied or something.

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....