Exploring new world

What do you do when you set foot on the shore of a foreign land? Soon I will find out. I notice the word “blog” in the top left bar. This means I need to say something interesting. Since it is 5 o’clock in the morning and still dark and very quiet inside and cold ……as in 30 degrees outside…… well as covered with 7 inches of snow…..the one thought that pops into mind is….this may KILL all the stink bugs. And other microscopic threatening organisms….that are trying to hide out there. Later today I will talk myself into taking the christmas tree down & putting all the ornaments into the right boxes. And looking at a list I wrote with things to do I see I will be painting a fractal for the next art show I’m entering since it’s an abstract show. There are a few friends I want to call in Baltimore, Dover, DE, West Chester & Buffalo. Then there is the Spoleto Festival in Charleston coming up the end of May & it will be more comfortable if we find a spot to sleep…….inside. I hope # 36 Meeting St (a B & B) is available. My next question will be….can you go to Charleston from Baltimore by train?A map should help. There’s plenty of time. Am wondering if the current economy will lower the turnout. There is a possibility that I can experiment with painting a fractal while I am making the phone calls. Only with an abstract. Abstracts are very hard to paint. For me. Jackson Pollack made it look easy….pouring paint from a can onto the canvas laying on the floor. A friend of mine in the Village painted semi-abstract and he painted crucifixions the whole year we dated. Did I have anything to do with this phase? He lived on Bleeker St on the second floor apt and his living room was surrounded by canvases 5 or 6 deep with a mattress on the floor in the middle, a kitchen somewhere & a bathroom somewhere else. If you want to meet unique people, the Village is the place to go or be. Like hang out in the White Horse Tavern & you will not believe who you will meet. Speaking about NYC…..buses are great there…..from Penn Station….down to the financial district …only $2.25. One problem….hotels are sky high….in price. Brooklyn has some good apartments to rent for short periods for $130 a night….less than $400 or more. There is nothing like an occasional visit to NYC unless it’s a visit to Paris or Egypt. Except this month is not a good time to visit Egypt. I predict that the president (can’t spell his name) will eventually give up power to the new vice president….and things will work out. And hope that a bunch of mummies will not be stolen from the museum. 30 years is too long to control a country. I guess one can say that a twitter in time saves the day….or the country. Well, it’s 5:30 and the newspapers are waiting in the driveway. A hot cup of tea while reading  all the news that is allowed to be printed will wake me up.

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