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We are still dealing with snow, snow, snow…  Here are a couple of photos I took on my phone on Thursday, after Wednesday’s snow storm dumped 15 inches on us… and after I shoveled out the fourth side (both sides of that gate) and the front walks.  This new phone takes much better photos than my old one did.

Guess I’d better watch “Holiday Inn” one more time. Tonight, I have to take in some of my pants… they keep sliding down my hips when I walk, and I can’t buy any new clothes yet, because I’m saving money for my grandson’s trip to Europe at the beginning of the summer. I’ll be sewing tonight… Friday!

Frankly, I’m tired of snow… I grew up on SAC Air Force bases in the Midwest, back in the 60s, when winters were really winters. Lots of snow, the occasional blizzard. Later on in the  70s, as an adult, I lived a little bit south of Buffalo, where we had all of that lake-effect snow.

I expect to have some new photos for you next week… the forecast is for more snow in the middle of the week. We already postponed our usual Thursday seminar this past week, due to Wednesday’s storm. I hope we don’t have to do the same thing next week, especially since next week’s speaker is from out of town.

For those of you who were here last week, I forwarded Margaret’s resume and her letter of recommendation to a wonderful principal investigator doing similar research in the center where I work. He doesn’t know of any current positions, but said he’d keep an eye out for any. Please send Margaret your best vibes & wishes that something really good comes of this… I can’t think of anyone who deserves a job more.

In other news, I have not yet finished arranging my office, but hope to do so next week. In the meantime, I finally have the newest version of Office… and I have to learn how to use it.

What’s going on in your world? Any snow? Hopefully, you are all having better weather than we are on the east coast.

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