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Late Late Night FDL: Dragon Around

‘Dragon Around’, released July 16, 1954 via Walt Disney Studios’ Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Cartoon Collections Volume 1 series.

Synopsis: Construction worker Donald tries to oust Chip ‘n’ Dale out of their home to build a highway, so the chipmunks become knights in shining armor to fight back.

Directed by Jack Hannah. Animation by Bill Justice and Volus Jones. Effects Animation by Dan MacManus. Story by Nick George and Roy Williams. Layout by Yale Gracey. Background by Ray Huffine. Music by Oliver Wallace. Voices by Dessie Flynn (Dale), James MacDonald (Chip) and Clarence Nash (Donald Duck).

Grab your popcorn, put your feet up on the coffee table, and try to keep the spitballs off the screen please. This is Late Late Night FireDogLake, where off topic is the topic … so dive in. What’s on your mind?

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