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I’m Thinking…End of January Rant

I’m thinking of getting a new door mat. One that says…”Democrat…wipe your feet here.”

I’m thinking of ordering a self design t-shirt.  I would have lettering on the the front that said, “Democrat…Tread on me.” and on the back I would have, “Democrat…Don’t wait till I’m down.  Kick me now.”

I’m thinking I’m not even a Democrat.  I used to be a Democrat but now I’m an Independent.  I’m too proud to be Democrat.  I’m too self conscious.  I get in enough trouble all by myself without people thinking they can walk all over me, treat me with contempt and think I’m gutless and don’t have the gumption to fight for what I believe in or those I care for.

I’m thinking that I am disgusted.  I’m disgusted that Gitmo is still in service.  I’m disgusted that Homeland Security and the Patriot Act still function in their capacity as stimuli to remind us to be afraid. They are effective.  I am afraid.  I’m afraid of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. I’m disgusted that we haven’t given the ass to the Bush Tax Cuts for the ubber-wealthy.  I’m disgusted that they are now the Obama Tax Cuts for the ubber-wealthy.  I’m disgusted that we’ve haven’t pursued those guilty of war crimes and torture and denial of due process.

I’m thinking that I’m disgusted that we cowered before the playground bullies and called it compromise.

I’m thinking that I’m disgusted that the Republicans waved the 9-11 banner, jutted their chests, waved their flags, cried crocodile tears and then held up medical funding for the 9-11 Responders.  I’m thinking that it’s no wonder they never change, they continue with this denial, this faux patriotism, this kind of bullying and bludgeoning the opposition into submission and never compromising…because we let them.  Antony Weiner said it best when he said, “The trouble with liberals is they show up to a knife fight with a library book”.

I’m thinking how much I’m going to miss the power, eloquence and compassion of Keith Olbermann.  So many times when I listened to Olbermann’s closing statements on Count Down I would feel exonerated uplifted and a part of something decent and caring and American.  We had a voice.  Someone speaking for us.  Someone who articulated our concerns in the face of rampant fear mongering, hyperbole and empty bumper sticker rhetoric.  Suck on that Fox.  And now he’s gone.

I’m thinking I’m disgusted that the Limbaughtome maintains an influence with mature adults.  I remember years ago his cruel attack on Chelsea Clinton when she was only thirteen years old.  I guess there were those who thought that was funny.  He showed the calibre and shallowness of his wit from the beginning.  He was the epitome of the high school clown who ridiculed the girl with braces and acne, who mimicked the kid with the limp, who spoke in silly accents to degrade people of different language and culture.  He still is and he continues to flourish with corporate sponsorship that either approves of  his message or are too morally bankrupt to care.  And the Limbaughtome stands shoulder to shoulder with others, Savage, Beck, Reagan, Jon Justice, Hannity, O’Reilly, Maulkin, Simple solutions from the simple for simpletons.  Violent rhetoric usurps rational debate and the menace of “Second Amendment Remedies” threatens to usurp the ballot box.

I’m thinking how uniquely American it is that a batshit crazy emotionally damaged kid can purchase a Glock semi-automatic with clips that sport 30 rounds of ammunition, shoot 19 people, killing six and the population responds by screaming about the second amendment and buying more guns.  I’m thinking how we probably are not  anywhere close to being the free-ist nation on earth but definitely are the most paranoid.  I’m thinking how any civilised country would legislate some kind of sensible gun control but in the US it would the political kiss of death to even try.  It’s a sickness and we are the cure.

I’m thinking about women.  How they have struggled for parity.  I’m thinking how conservatives want to repeal abortion laws even in the case of rape and incest.  Turn a lemon into lemonade my ass.

I’m thinking about  how we scream for tax cuts in the face of the suffering of our own people and let CEO’s walk away with millions.  I think about Exxon and Prince William Sound years ago…the environment…people’s livelihoods being destroyed…the Exxon CEO Lee Raymond being retired on close to 400 million dollars after years of playing games in the highest court of the land and withholding damages.  I’m thinking about BP and the Gulf of Mexico and conservatives still screaming for less government regulations.

I’m thinking of how a heavy snowfall in New York prompts conservatives to deny years of scientific study and climate science and remain silent about the horrors of Katrina, the melting ice caps, the increases in temperature and cyclonic activity and rising tides in the South Pacific.  I’m thinking how we let people who believe that the earth is only 6 thousand years old control the rhetoric and the policy.

I’m thinking it’s time to fight.  Not with misspelled signs, colonial wigs, funny hats, muskets and costumes, not with guns and violent threats but with our dollars.  Not by spending them but by not spending them. I’m thinking what would happen if we monitored every dollar, every cent and made certain it didn’t land in the pockets of those industries that support the true enemies of our democracy.

An example…no more Dominos Pizza for this little carb hound and I’m telling my friends and I’m telling you. Suck on that Limbaughtome.  It’s only the beginning.

I thinking what would happen if we actually worked to get out the vote for 2012 and began to support progressive candidates now.  None of this mid-term apathy.

I’m thinking it’s time to put our feet down, own the rhetoric, stop the insanity.  It’s time to take control from the village idiots, spank their asses and send them home.  We’re in trouble and there is no place for them in Washington.

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