The current epicenter of The Jasmine Revolutions is in Egypt. 80 million disenfranchised Egyptians want democracy, and they want it now. Hosni Mubarek is a relic of their future’s past.The bittersweet smell of Jasmine will possibly blanket much of the world before all’s said and done. But this is not just about a deficit of democracy, although that plays a very large part in the region, there is something else, equally big at play here.

I turned on the toobes to watch Rachel Maddow for the first time in nearly 2 years. Her report was thorough, well constructed, seemingly impartial, didn’t spare Obama; Richard Angle was a mensch – all good. Cannot stand Sgt. Schulz, so that was it for me.

Having heard much of what’s readily available at Al Jazeera and  the Guardian, I didn’t learn anything new. My curiosity, however, was not about the news, but the reporting and analysis of it.

So the obvious question I posed to myself, given a very thorough reportage was: what went unsaid? After all, the specter of the Muslim Brotherhood was not raised, the reasons for the revolutionary fervor – repression, economic rot, etc – were all laid at the feet of 30 years of Dictatorial rule. America’s foreign policy posture in the region was chided. All in all, pretty thorough. So why did I not feel satiated ?

Ah yes, the pink elephant in the room trickled down through the cracks, and evaporated into the Jasmine filled air. And, its omission is both a conscious one, and a fatal flaw by the masters of our universe. One word: Neoliberalism!

All 30 years, or so, of neoliberal Washington consensus strictures, of globalization and ‘free market’ liberalism, was neatly disappeared from the reportage and analysis. That’s quite a nifty piece of magic there, if you ask me. Heckuvajob Rachel!

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