Egypt after Midnight: ‘Angry Friday’ Stretches into Saturday

Analysis of Egypt’s unrest and potential transition from Al Jazeera-English reveals how much more nuanced the geo-politics involved than American media conveys, and how understanding the Middle East has been of America’s national interests.

The unrest is spreading elsewhere, as Al Jazeera notes that Egyptian protesters have taken to the streets in Dublin, Ireland as well.

The developments have been of personal interest to our MyFDL team as one of our editors has been traveling in the middle east and Europe this week. Ruth Calvo wrote this morning that the leg of her trip to Egypt scheduled for Friday had been canceled due to the upheaval; she also shared,

Have seen only sympathetic agreement with Egyptian populace wherever I’ve been. No one thought the government there was going anywhere but more into the wrong direction. Will talk more with Turkish folks tomorrow, but generally, they’re rooting for the crowd.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from her on her return and hope the rest of her trip is uneventful and educational.

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