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Your No. 1 Choice for Hypocrisy

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In the wake of  Tunisia, and events in Egypt, the President said this in his State of the Union message:

“We saw that same desire to be free in Tunisia, where the will of the people proved more powerful than the writ of a dictator. And tonight, let us be clear: the United States of America stands with the people of Tunisia, and supports the democratic aspirations of all people.”


Activists trying to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak played cat-and-mouse with police on the streets into the early hours of Thursday, as unprecedented protests against his 30-year rule entered a third day.

Siun posted last night about what is happening in Egypt but to me the most poignant portion was this:

It is 12:50 AM CLT now and our friends in Al Tahrir square are currently under huge attack from the security forces that are firing cannons of tear gas…these tear gas grenades are made in the USA

Husni Mubarek is liked by American policy makers. He placates our fears about the alternative (“Scary Extremists Muslims“) and he says the occasional non-hateful thing about Israel. Both Parties elites fall for it every time.

Of course, there’s also the bit particularly attractive to Republicans. He’s ruled by “emergency decree” for nearly thirty years after taking advantage of a national trauma and he’s grooming his son to replace him. How could a Bush, a Cheney, a Romney, a Kristol, a Podhoretz, a Goldberg, a Forbes, or a McCain quit him?

If he falls, look for the entire GOP-media complex to roll out the 1949 game plan, “Who lost China Egypt?”. After all a possible successor is the guy who said the Bush II Administration’s drive for wars in Iraq and Iran were dubious. Might as well be Chairman Mao.

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